An Interview with Casey Bisson

Picked this up via the TALIS Panlibus blog ….

EducauseConnect has a 13 minute podcast interview with Mellon Award winner Casey Bisson – Plymouth State University Information Architect, recorded at the CNI Fall Task Force Meeting. He talk about use of Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 in educational contexts, and the Mellon Award for further development of his WPOpac software.  “It’s an OPAC – a library catalog, for my readers outside libraries – inside the framework of WordPress the hugely popular blog management application.


2 Responses to “An Interview with Casey Bisson”

  1. Graeme West Says:

    WPOpac looks very interesting. Is OPAC any good, as compared to other library management systems?

  2. libraryfutures Says:

    Hi Graeme,
    OPAC is just the generic library term for the front end of any library system (Sirsi, Talis, etc. – doesn’t matter) – it just stands for ‘online public access catalog’. So Casey is developing a front end based on WordPress, with lots of Web 2.0 features to sit on top of any Library System – hence WPOpac. You can see it in action at and there’s more info on his plans at

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